Super Swan Micro Filters

This unique filtration product is the brainchild of Late Mr. Shantaram Kalbag and Mr. Anant Kalbag who after years of applied research and tireless efforts succeeded in inventing this technology based on physical separation of suspended impurities which gives pure and bacteria free drinking water. The basic idea behind developing this product was to provide easily accessible, affordable, pure and healthy drinking water to the common man.

The main features of this product are

  • No electricity required as well as No Installation required. Just plug the filter to the tap and get instant bacteria free drinking water.
  • Self serviceable product. Easy design ensures quick maintenance without the need of any special tools.
  • Water output in accordance with BIS standard 10500:2012 (One of the leading standards for drinking water in india)
  • Low cost product
  • Filter element can be washed and reused thereby ensuring long life.
  • Zero water wastage
  • Light and portable design enables you to carry this filter wherever you travel ensuring Pure filtered drinking water on the go.

Please note : Our Super Swan Micro Filters is only recommended at places where the TDS of input water is below 400 ppm and basic pH levels are within control.


super swan micro filters
Swan Micro Filters
super swan micro filters
Swan Micro Filters

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