About Us

We Provide Alternative / Substitute for 3M Betapure, 3M Betapure Filter Cartridges, 3M Betapure Filters, 3M Micro Klean Filter Cartridges, 3M Micro Klean Filters, Betapure Filter Cartridges, Brown Filter Cartridges, Brown Filtration Cartridges, Phenolic Cartridges, Phenolic Filter Cartridges, Phenolic Filter Cartridges also Manufacturer Of Certified Resin Bonded Cellulose Melamine (RBCM) Filter Cartridges RBC Oil Filter Cartridges And Supplier Of All Types Of Industrial Filters and Our Setup Situated at Pune, Maharashtra, India

With the right blend of quality and innovation we Kalbag Filters Pvt. Ltd. have emerged as one of the leading manufacturers of certified Cellulose - Melamine Filter Elements ( RBC Filters ) in India. We have been consistently serving clients with cost effective and productive filtration options since 1999 and are an ISO certified company for over a decade.

Our filter elements are a more productive and cost effective alternative / substitute to global RBCM cartridges like the 3M Cuno Micro Klean and Betapure series filter elements Phenolic Cartridges (Brown Cartridges), PP Pleated Cartridges etc. Our filter elements (Cartridges) are highly effective in Filtration Of Water, Pharmaceutical Applications, Different Types Of Oils, Chemicals, Solvents, Honey, Diesel, Piped Air, Recovery Of Suspended Metals And Solids etc.


Some of our certifications

  • All our RBCM filters are certified food grade as per FDA 21 CFR ( Certificate can be provided )
  • All our RBCM fine filters are certified bio compatible as per USP 39 guideline, Chapter 88 via Oral Injectibility Test. ( Entire report can be shared )
  • All our RBCM filters comply with Overall Global Migration test as per IS 9845 therby ensuring no migration of filter particles into filtrate. ( Certificate can be shared )